Additive Manufacturing In Global Healthcare

Additive Manufacturing In Global Healthcare

No two people are the same – every one of us is unique. For the healthcare sector, this creates the challenge of offering individualized products perfectly suited to just one patient and their specific healthcare needs.

That is why Additive Manufacturing (AM) is becoming a key piece of the puzzle in realizing patient-centric healthcare products and solutions. While traditional manufacturing generally requires cost and time-intensive one-off tooling to produce a personalized device, a 3D printer needs just one digital file of a 3D model and can be located anywhere in the world – as close as possible to the patient. This not only helps companies produce and develop products much more quickly and economically, it also makes it far easier to adjust design aspects of the printed part precisely to ensure it suits the individual patient perfectly. Even better, besides its greater design freedom, AM helps maximize sustainability in production and logistics, and can be smoothly integrated into existing manufacturing workflows.

At Forward AM we are constantly searching for innovative materials and trial these extensively to provide a range of outstanding application options to our healthcare industry customers. Our portfolio includes a comprehensive spectrum of advanced photopolymer, powder and filament materials serving highly specialized healthcare applications such as prosthetics, single-use instruments and fixtures, surgical guides, and corsets. Our experts have extensive knowledge of these materials’ real-world performance characteristics and know how vital long-term material reliability is. This is why we exhaustively test every new AM material before including it in our portfolio.

In our new whitepaper “Navigating Additive Manufacturing for the Healthcare Industry” we explore certifications and current regulatory considerations for healthcare applications, AM design workflow for the healthcare industry, and AM material selection for specific healthcare projects. We also discuss the unprecedented opportunities that AM is creating within healthcare.

If you would like to find out more about how you can benefit from Additive Manufacturing by unlocking compelling new ways to mass-customize and develop outperforming medical devices, download our latest whitepaper here.

Feel free to contact us personally with your questions on how AM and 3D printing technology can help take your healthcare business to the next level. We’re looking forward to supporting you!

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