Design Prototyping Made Easy: Get to Know the Protowhite Rigid Resin co-launched with Phrozen!

Industrial-quality prototyping is the hometurf of Additive Manufacturing (AM). As parts are being manufactured straight from a digital 3D model, designs can be created easily and at high speed. Thanks to the unique possibilities of AM, these models come alive by printing the 3D model for either final series production parts, small batches or – prototypes. For those AM is the perfect fit as there is no need to create a mold for each step along the design process – and iterations are easily possible by simply adjusting the 3D model and print again.

Together with the Taiwanese 3D machine manufacturer Phrozen we at Forward AM have now developed a new resin specifically tailored to the requirements of Phrozen 3D printers – Protowhite Rigid, launched on February 25, 2022. With this joint effort, Forward AM and Phrozen combine their expertise in high-quality material and fast printing with the high-resolution LCD technology. The Protowhite Rigid has been optimized and validated for all Phrozen Sonic Mini and Sonic Mighty series platforms to ensure an outstanding printing experience with great part quality.

At Forward AM, we are delighted to co-launch this new material together with Phrozen – they have built a strong brand in the UV resin market and convince with easy-to-use high print quality at good economic value proposition. We are looking forward to add more jointly developed resins for Phrozen printers,says Michael Tang, Business Development Manager, BASF.

With the new Protowhite Rigid resin, design prototyping becomes easy as a breeze – industrial designers can create small batches of high-quality, rigid, and impact-resistant prototypes in-house before moving to the manufacturing stage. Going even beyond prototyping, the Protowhite Rigid resin allows the production of end-use parts for functional use thanks to its strong mechanical properties with good UV stability and successfully passed cytotoxicity tests.

The new Protowhite Rigid (Source: Phrozen)

Summing it up, the new Protowhite Rigid is characterized by:

  • high-strength, rigidity and impact-resistance
  • good UV stability
  • successfully passed cytotoxicity tests

The resin allows industrial designers to:

  • form complex models at high speed
  • visualize design ideas at detailed level
  • increase efficiency
  • save time

We’re excited to work with Forward AM to develop Protowhite Rigid to tap into the rapid prototyping market. We believe that, with this resin, creators can easily test out and validate their products efficiently, adds Ray Wu, CEO, Phrozen.

The Protowhite Rigid resin is now available here – and soon at Amazon across Europe!

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