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Unmatched for fine detailing and smooth finish – photopolymers are the material of choice when accuracy and aesthetics count. Resins used in Additive Manufacturing are liquid photopolymers, light-sensitive materials that change their physical or chemical properties when exposed to a light source, usually UV light. Important to know: Photopolymers are thermosets, meaning that once cured by a UV light, the material cannot be remelted.

While the material can be opaque or clear, rigid or flexible, it is always perfectly suited for prototypes or models thanks to its fine detailing. The most commonly used technologies for resin printing are Stereolithography (SLA), Digital Light Processing (DLP), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Photopolymer Jetting (PPJ). At Forward AM we offer a broad range of advanced photopolymer resins within the Ultracur3D® portfolio that work across all those innovative technologies. Our materials portfolio has resins for every application in store: Tough, Rigid, Elastomeric, Flexible, or tailored to Dental applications. With BASF’s decades of experience in polyurethane research and production, all our photopolymer resins ensure long-term UV-stability and performance superior to conventional photopolymers.

Looking at our Ultracur3D® FL/EL line, these resins combine impressive torsional and tear strength with high elongation at break, combining superior cushioning properties and long-term rebound with high durability thanks to their minimal structural degradation over time.

What’s new?

Our portfolio is now expanded by three new reactive urethane photopolymer products: Ultracur3D® FL 300, Ultracur3D® EL 60 and Ultracur3D® EL 150. These new additions to the Ultracur3D® line deliver class-leading print accuracy and excellent softness and haptic. Even better, they require no thermal post-curing – thus accelerating design iterations and cutting prototype development expenditure.
To top it off, together with Photocentric, the innovative Daylight product line has been launched on the market. This joint approach will result in several new photopolymer resins. The first materials: Ultracur3D® EPD 1006 and Ultracur3D® EPD 2006 have now been introduced into the market. Perfect for functional parts that need to be flexible without breaking, both resins have been developed to work seamlessly with the unique Photocentric LCD Daylight technology, and the Liquid Crystal Magna machine, making large volume printing and high-resolution capabilities at a competitive price possible.

Find out more about the new additions to our portfolio here.

“Ultracur3D® EPD1006 Powered by Photocentric” is the first in a new portfolio of 3D printing resins developed in partnership with Forward AM (Source: Photocentric Ltd).
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