BASF Forward AM and DyeMansion: Optimizing Post-Processing for Ultrasint® TPU01

Polymer Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) is booming across a myriad of industries for prototyping, product development, bridge production, and serial production. BASF Forward AM’s Ultrasint® TPU01 is an ideal material to use with PBF due to its high flexibility and durability for applications across all industries. But the benefits of flexible materials come with challenges when it comes to post-processing.


Post-processing is often needed to further improve the aesthetics and mechanical properties, but only if optimized fully. Effective depowdering of a PBF part is especially crucial in every instance, irrespective of the end-use application or potential subsequent post-processing steps. In this paper we will discuss effective depowdering as well as other potential post-processing steps, smoothing, and dyeing, for a flexible polymer part 3D printed with Ultrasint® TPU01.

Find out more about all the different post-processing options with DyeMansion:

  • Optimal depowdering Solution for TPU01
  • Smoothing
  • Dyeing

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