Improving Ultrasint® TPU01 part properties by PostPro® vapour smoothing

With Additive Manufacturing, it can be challenging to produce parts with professional-grade surface finishes, making post-processing an essential step in the 3D printing process.


Achieving a surface quality known from injection molding for high-performance parts printed with Ultrasint TPU01 and TPU88A is now easier than ever before.

Read this whitepaper to learn in detail how to surface treat thermoplastic polymer 3D-printed parts and obtain parts with improved airtightness as well as bacteria protection printed using Laser Sintering, HP Multi Jet Fusion, High Speed Sintering, or Fused Deposition Modelling technology. Find out all about the extensive testing that was done to characterize the effect of novel post-processing technology BLAST by AMT on material properties of parts printed with BASF Ultrasint® TPU01 and 88A material.

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